Growing your retirement savings is only one part of planning for your future. Have you thought about how you'll turn your "nest egg" into a monthly retirement income? Annuities are long-term savings vehicles designed to do just that: grow and protect your money leading up to retirement, then turn that money into an income stream you can't outlive. Annuities can either be Immediate (payout begins at purchase) or Deferred (payout begins at a later date).

Consider purchasing an Annuity to help you prepare for retirement.
Explore the options we can offer you:



Fixed indexed annuities

For a predictable return with growth potential


  • Provides a monthly payout that has the potential to grow (based on S&P 500 Index)

  • Can specify payouts for a fixed period of time or for life (annuitization)

  • Tax-deferred

  • Protects against market downturns - your account value cannot fall with the market

  • Not an investment, an insurance product

  • Best for investors with low-risk tolerance who seek greater growth potential than other fixed indexed products

Fixed annuities
For a predictable return


  • Provides a monthly payout based on a fixed interest rate

  • Can specify payouts for a fixed period of time or for life (annuitization)

  • Earnings are not taxed until paid out (tax-deferred)

  • Best for investors with low-risk tolerance who seek wealth preservation or an addition/alternative to other fixed-income vehicles (Bonds, CD's, etc.)

Immediate annuities
 For current income


  • Provides income payments for a fixed period of time or for life

  • Income payments can be fixed, adjusted annually according to an outside index, or variable (based on the performance of underlying sub-accounts)

  • Offers multiple options for payout, including income that lasts for your entire life (or for the lives of you and your spouse)

  • Income payments are taxed using the exclusion ratio method (each payment consists of earnings and a return of basis)

  • Maybe appropriate for individuals with low to moderate or high-risk tolerance (depending on the type of payout option chosen) who seek current income



When you leave your job for a new one or retire, you have a one-time opportunity to take the money from your 401k account and transfer it into a better investment vehicle, like investments with more flexible investment options, safeguards against losing your principle, and income protection for your retirement years. We firmly believe that investors retiring or changing jobs should at a minimum look into seizing the opportunity to transfer their investment dollars out of the generally restrictive 401k plans, and into more flexible plans such as annuities. Rolling your 401k into an annuity gives you a continued tax shelter, while permitting you a huge range of investment options, guarantee of principle options, and living and death benefits that can protect you and/or your family whether the stock and bond markets go up or down and regardless of whether you live or die.

Features & Benefits

Guaranteed Principal: Principal is guaranteed with a 401k rollover annuity, while the principal is not guaranteed with mutual funds, stocks, or bonds associated with your 401k or IRA investment.
Flexibility: When you roll your 401k plan into an IRA within a variable annuity, you have the power to change your investments depending on the investment climate or your personal goals. For example, you can select a fixed interest rate account, or have the option of splitting up your account between market indices, actively managed funds, asset allocation models and fixed interest account(s).
 Income Protection: With the best variable annuities with living benefit riders or immediate annuities with life contingencies, you cannot outlive your money. As long as you are alive, the insurance company is obligated to send you a check every month.
Death Benefit Protection: With the top deferred variable annuities, for an additional fee (usually 0.25% to 0.75% per year), most insurance companies offer what is referred to as “Enhanced Death Benefits.” These benefits vary from 3% to 7% on either a simple interest or compounded roll-up that grow to age 80, 85 or even 90, or the highest monthly, quarterly or annual account value. A couple of companies will even lock in the highest anniversary value and then pay you 5% or 6% off of the new, higher value.


First and foremost, rolling an IRA into an annuity contract provides insurance on your retirement investment. The two largest assets of most households are the house and the IRA (or other employer-sponsored plans). Most people wouldn’t dream of not having insurance on their home (in fact most mortgage lenders require homeowners to carry home insurance, and many states require it as well). Yet many investors approaching retirement have no insurance on their retirement plan; rather, it can fluctuate based on the fund manager and market dynamics. Annuities can provide protection in a down market, guaranteed lifetime income, and the ability to guarantee a certain amount is passed on to heirs. These can be considerable advantages to all investors, but in particular, those who have accumulated substantial assets and then have the misfortune of retiring in a down market. Secondly, by rolling an IRA into an immediate annuity or variable annuity with a lifetime income benefit, an investor can enjoy an income stream based on a predetermined and guaranteed rate, even in a down market.

Recent market turbulence only serves to strengthen this point. Throughout the country, millions of workers approaching retirement have discovered that their plan balances are now too low to provide them with the income they need when they stop working. Furthermore, in addition to providing protection to one’s beneficiaries, certain immediate annuities have inflation adjustment features to ensure that lifetime income keeps up with an increased cost of living.

Rolling an IRA into an annuity is also a tax-free process. Annuities funded with an IRA rollover are “qualified” plans. This enables insurance companies to create “IRA annuities” into which an investor can directly deposit their retirement funds. Additionally, there are no distribution taxes either. While pension and other pre-tax distributions can be subject to taxation when withdrawn, federal law permits prospective investors to roll their payments into an immediate annuity tax-free. And of course, the funds within the annuity will continue to grow tax-deferred.









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